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Our collaborative approach

Our approach is based on data, decades of experience navigating changing markets, and educating you to become an informed buyer. As a tight-knit team of professionals, you benefit from our collaborative dynamic. Each team member is invested in the success of their colleagues, so we’re able to do more in less time for every buyer because we work together.


Market masters

The true value in working with a team is having access to a collective knowledge source. We know all about the neighborhoods you’re interested in, the history of the real estate, and the market conditions of each area. As longtime local agents, we have this information and more at our fingertips, ready to help you secure the perfect property. As members of Real Estate boards in Upstate South Carolina, including the Greater Greenville Association of REALTORS, we’re able to cast a wider search to find your dream home sooner. We also leverage our connections to agents in our network to access unique opportunities for you. We’re about quality over quantity, and exceeding your expectations to build relationships for life.

Your buying experience


This is full-service, full-time real estate. Every team member comes together to achieve success because we prioritize your transaction. You’ll always hear from us and know exactly where you are in the process.

First, we build your wish list. We’ll meet to get to know each other and determine your criteria for your new home. This covers everything from location, layout, and lifestyle, to budget, finishes, and future plans.


Then we obtain your pre-approval. You’ll be connected with our preferred mortgage broker who will help you get the financing for your home. This lets you know how much you can afford. With a pre-approval, your buying position becomes much stronger.


At this step, we know what you’re looking for. We’ll set you up for Listing Alerts to send you regular updates about the latest properties matching your wish-list. Then we’ll schedule viewings for your favorites.


Now for the fun part: viewings and open houses! We’ll attend showings together, evaluate the properties in-person, and determine whether a place is worth bidding for. Once we find the house you want to make your home, we’ll craft a compelling offer that protects your interests, and guide you through the process.

When it’s time for closing, we’ll be there with you every step of the way. We guide you through the paperwork, support you through the home inspection to ensure the property is exactly as it should be, and connect you with the professionals in our network who can help you finalize the process, including lawyers, contractors, movers, and more.

Your buying experience

Once the keys are yours and you’ve settled into your new home, your Keagy Team agent is still just a call away. We stay available to you in case you have questions about your house, need a referral, or you’re ready to enter the market again.